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Origin Doors

A modern take on the traditional patio door, the Origin Patio Slider OS-44/OS-77 is the perfect fit for any type of home. Made completely bespoke, there are two sightline options available.

The OS-44 is the slimmer variant of the two, with a sightline of just 1 ¾”, providing the opportunity to maximize glass and allow an abundance of natural light. With a sightline of 3”, the OS-77 is the more traditional style sliding door and is perfect to bring some elegance and style into the home.

Slimmest sightlines

The slimmest sightlines, more light

At 1 ¾” and 3” respectively, the two sightline options available on the Multi Slide Doors OS-44 & OS-77 are some of the smallest in the industry for this type of door – making it aesthetically stunning and providing wide, uninterrupted views.

Glass options

Glass options

When it comes to the glass, the Origin Multi Slide Doors are completely custom, so you are able to choose what type of glass works best for your space. This could be laminated, toughened or reflective, depending on your needs. No matter which glass you choose, you can rest assured that they have all been engineered to deliver the best levels of thermal performance, safety and security.

Up to a 10-year warranty

Up to a 10-year warranty

We pride ourselves on providing meticulous attention to every detail at each stage of our products design and manufacture, and we oversee everything from our Florida based factory. This allows us to offer a warranty of up to 10-years on every part of the door which supports the panes – the running gear, gaskets, frames, locks, levers and seals.

Thermal efficiency

Thermal efficiency

The Origin Multi Door systems are thermally broken and made with a polyamide thermal break, meaning heat loss is drastically reduced and temperature is regulated, so the space can be enjoyed all year round. Both systems can deliver a Certified U-Factor as low as 0.26.

Stunning and secure

Toughened glass, combined with premium billets of aluminum, makes for an incredibly strong Multi Slide Door system. No matter which handle and lock configuration you choose, you can be assured that testing has taken place on all of our barrels to ensure they are resistant to common breaking and entry techniques, such as drilling, picking, snapping and bumping.

Custom to your needs

Available in up to six door sets, the OS-44 & OS-77 can be made to measure for any space that you have available. You can choose whether you have all doors sliding or one fixed, depending on your needs. It really is a door system that is made for you.

Handle options

The Multi Slide Doors OS-44 & OS-77 feature a stainless steel finish handle which can be operated from both the inside and outside, with some options on the way that they work. Choose from either an all-in-one 12” lock and handle with a thumbturn, or a 19 ¾” stainless steel offset bar handle, also available in white, black and bronze, with a separate lock.

Both come in a stainless steel finish. Not shown to scale
Offset bar handle
All‑in‑one handle

100’s of RAL colors

No matter what type of property you have or which style you are going for, there is a color to complement or contrast it in our range – there are 100s of RAL Colors to choose between after all. The most popular colors for the Multi Slide Door systems OS-44 and OS-77 are Patio White, Jet Black, Southern Bronze, Clear Anodized and Bronze Anodized.

150 RAL colors

Find out about our Door Types

An Origin Door is a completely bespoke product, tailored to your size, colour scheme, finish and accessory requirements. Origin are proud to present our range of Bi-fold, and Multi-Slide doors.