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Bi-fold doors safety and security FAQs

Installing any external door means thinking about security, and the need to keep family and belongings as secure as possible. While aesthetics are important, so is safety—especially when operating a precision-engineered door like bi-folds. A recent study from J.D. Power showed that homeowners who are educated on the more intricate details of security for their patio doors are generally speaking happier and more comfortable in their homes. And, with security and safety at the forefront of all our door and window designs, Origin are proud to share these details with you to help you understand exactly how our products make your home safer.

Below, we explain how Origin designs and manufactures all its bi-fold doors with safety and security in mind.

How Origin bi-fold doors keep homes safe

How Origin bi-fold doors keep homes secure

How Origin bi-fold doors use shatterproof glass

How Origin bi-fold doors keep homes safe

Our bi-fold doors have a number of features aimed at ensuring that homes with young children, wheelchair users or people with disabilities are completely safe.

Finger-safe child-proof gaskets

Any parent will know that it can take just one unsupervised moment for a child to catch their fingers in the door! At Origin, we’ve kept this in mind and equipped all our bi-fold doors with ‘finger-safe’ gaskets. These are designed to provide soft cushioning should a young child—or adult for that matter—trap their fingers between the panels of the doors.

Low thresholds for wheelchair access

The bi-fold door threshold is the track along which the door slides to open and close. When you have a bi-fold door installed, you have a choice of two thresholds:

  • Weathered—this stands around half an inch off the floor, and provides a watertight seal to stop rainwater leaking in.
  • Non-weathered—this is sunken into the floor to provide a level surface from the inside floor to the ground outside. Be aware, however, that these aren’t as effective at protecting against the elements, although Origin bi-fold doors have passed High Velocity Hurricane Zone testing standards.

Both these thresholds are considered wheelchair-friendly. However, the flush non-weathered threshold may suit a household with older people, toddlers or people with mobility issues, who may be at risk of trips and falls.

For more information, read our bi-fold door threshold FAQs.

Magnetic catch

All Origin bi-fold doors have a magnetic catch (also called a magnetic keep) fitted. This is designed to hold the sashes securely in place while the doors are open.

How Origin bi-fold doors keep homes secure

Origin bi-fold doors have advanced security features designed to keep your home fully protected.

A unique, industry-leading 8-point locking system

Most bi-fold doors have locking systems that secure the doors at five points (sometimes fewer) around the frame and track.

At Origin, however, we’ve developed our own 8-point locking system, which meets all the latest security standards and has passed the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s industry test for resisting forced entry (AAMA 1304-02) and the Testing Application Standard (TAS) 202 building regulations.

Our 8-point locking system has the following unique features:

  • 8 inch shoot bolts at the top and bottom of the track—these are chamfered (cut with angled corners) to provide a smoother action and better weather-resistance.
  • Deep-throw security hooks—1 inch long, no other doors on the market have hooks that lock this deeply into the frame head and sill.

High-security hinges

It’s particularly important for hinges to be fully secure as they sit outside the door and are a point of vulnerability for opportunistic intruders to exploit.

Every Origin bi-fold door panel comes with three specially engineered security hinges made of zinc, an extremely strong metal. These hinges are designed so there is no way to force the doors off from the outside. They are also able to withstand the most inclement weather without wearing or corroding.

A strong handle

After the cylinder and barrel, the handle is considered the next weakest component of a door.

Every handle that goes onto an Origin bi-fold door combines modern, ergonomic design with unmatched durability. Our door handles are so durable, in fact, that they have outperformed special strength tests and proven capable of resisting over 350 pounds of force.

How Origin bi-fold doors use shatterproof glass

Bi-fold doors use a lot of glass, and this can concern some homeowners who believe that such an amount of glazing can mean the doors are less secure.

So it’s worth noting that bi-fold doors are fitted with toughened glass as standard. This glass is extremely hard to break, and double-glazed and triple-glazed panes even more difficult.

For additional strength, you can choose to have your doors fitted with laminated glass. Similar to a car windscreen, this glass has a shatterproof layer which holds the pane together when it breaks. You can have laminated glass on the inside of the door or on both sides.

The glass is held in place by glazing beads on the inside. These prevent the panes from being removed from the outside, giving you extra security.

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