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Bi-fold doors

Our OB-72 and slimline OB-49 aluminium Bi-fold Doors are entirely custom, able to fit into openings of any size and are available in a huge range of opening configurations.

Multi-slide doors

The OS-29 Multi Slide Door is a modern take on the traditional patio door and is the perfect fit for any type of home.

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Internal doors

The Internal Door range is a product collection that can be used in home and commercial environments.

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The Origin Bi-Fold Door – design and engineering features that make our door different

At Origin, we pride ourselves on our commitment to cutting-edge design and engineering. None of our door components are sourced from other manufacturers and we don’t provide off-the-shelf systems. Instead, we’ve taken the time to meticulously engineer and rigorously test every single component of your door so that we can offer outstanding performance.

This means our doors are entirely unique and the engineering features on offer are not available from anyone else. Every door we supply is manufactured in-house provide our customers with a bi-fold door of unrivalled quality.

Take a look below to find out more about the design features that make the Origin difference.

A bottom trolley track that is easy to install, removes stress on the panels and ensures effortless, soundless sliding

The Origin Bi-Fold Door is bottom run. That means, unlike other bi-fold doors, no stress is put on the door system from a heavy top track that can bear down on the doors, compromising the sliding mechanism or putting unnecessary weight on the panels.

The actual engineering of the trolley delivers an incredibly satisfying sliding mechanism that now requires just the gentlest of pushes to open almost silently.

The bottom trolley system is a solid zinc component, re-engineered into a single piece casting that is incredibly strong, ensuring exquisitely smooth opening.

Since iterating our bottom fork into its current form, our doors now require 31% less force to open; just 50 Newton’s, to be exact. In real terms, this means only a gentle push is needed to watch your doors effortlessly slide open.

The carriage of the system (the wheels and bottom component that the fork sits in), is also created from a single piece casting, which helps achieve unrivalled strength and longevity. The guide wheels are made from high grade acetal (three times the usual density) ensuring an efficient and quieter operation that is partly self-lubricating.

Since the Origin Bi-Fold Door does not require a heavy top track, time on installation is also kept to a minimum.

The gearbox

The gearbox operates security shoot bolts top and bottom out of the system for maximum security. It has been cycle tested to 100,000 operations to guarantee strength, durability and performance and has also endured a 400 hour neutral salt spray test without incurring wear or defects. In order to ensure maximum efficiency, all excess weight has been engineered out of the gearbox. It operates via a rack and pinion design for strength and flawless operation.

The D-handle

The D-handle is used to pull the doors closed. It comes with a flush finish, stainless steel retaining pin and incorporates concealed fixing which removes unsightly screw heads and cover caps. It is available in Origin’s full range of colors.

The assisting handle

The assisting handle is used to lock doors in place that don’t have a lever handle. Origin’s ergonomically designed assisting handle is outstandingly strong, ensuring the very best security. It has outperformed the highest test by 1.5 times the required limit and withstood a pull of 1600 Newton’s or 359lbs, which is the equivalent of 163 bags of household sugar. Cycle tested with the gearbox over 100,000 times, the handle is also available in Origin’s full 150 RAL color range.

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