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Thousands of bi-fold door customers are not finding doors online because they are calling them the wrong name

With so much product research carried out online prior to purchasing an item, it makes sense to make sure a product is easy to find. Unfortunately, when customers are unsure of the exact name of a product, they may end up searching for the wrong item entirely, resulting in thousands of fruitless searches each month.

Aside from customers not finding what they are looking for, this also means that manufacturers are missing out on a huge amount of online traffic, not to mention potential sales.

Bi-fold doors are a prime example of a product that is often referred to incorrectly, as we discovered in our independent survey. We showed 925 members of the public, a picture of a bi-fold door and asked them to tell us what kind of door it was. Only 27% of respondents answered correctly, indicating that almost three quarters of the public do not know what a bi-fold door is.

Here’s what the survey revealed…

What customers are actually searching for:

39% - Folding Glass Doors

Although this term describes how the doors operate, this isn’t actually a term used within the trade.

31.5% - Accordion Doors

As per the instrument that expands and contracts in a zig-zag motion this term describes how the doors function, however it is not a term used in the industry.

27.2% - Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold is the correct industry term for this type of door. The definition of bi-fold is ‘designed to fold twice’. 

13.7% - French Doors

French doors are two doors that sit side by side and can be opened either individually or together to make a wider opening. Unlike bi-fold doors, the doors do not fold.

It’s all in the name

When searching for bi-fold doors, it is also important to search for a name you can trust: Origin.

Origin’s bi-fold doors not only look great, they also provide superior levels of security to the home. High security multi-point locking systems provide the ultimate reassurance, not to mention the added peace of mind delivered by Origin’s 10 year warranty.

Another great benefit to choosing Origin over any other brand for bi-fold doors, is the speed, simplicity and cost of installation that is synonymous with the brand. Origin’s unique bottom run system enables efficient installation with a minimal lead time, creating the seamless connection between the home and the outdoors within the shortest possible time frame.

To find out more about why Origin are the first name in bi-fold doors click here.

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