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Bi-fold doors

Our OB-72 and slimline OB-49 aluminium Bi-fold Doors are entirely custom, able to fit into openings of any size and are available in a huge range of opening configurations.

Multi-slide doors

The OS-29 Multi Slide Door is a modern take on the traditional patio door and is the perfect fit for any type of home.

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Internal doors

The Internal Door range is a product collection that can be used in home and commercial environments.

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Using Grids to Customize Your Origin Doors and Windows

Handing over the design reigns to our customers is one of the central values of the Origin brand. Like anything truly “custom”, our doors and windows take a life of their own when our customers take the core elements of our frames and turn them into something unique to their environment, fashions and desired functions.  

Combining configurations, colors, sizes and glass types with the endless building types in the world has often created door and window designs that we ourselves had never even considered.  

One of the popular trends that offers a timeless look and combines the contemporary qualities of the Origin door or window with old world tradition is the grid-on-glass feature.

Achieving the perfect look for your home

Sometimes it’s all about the view when the doors and windows are open but when the they are closed it can be about blending in with the architecture within which it sits. This is where the grid feature can offer a vast array of different looks:

Origin grids can come in different widths, be flat or contoured in shape and even come in several pattern options. From a single, horizontal bar to multiple cross shapes and even “Prairie Style” designs, the options are almost endless.

If grid patterns are something you‘re considering for your Origin doors and windows, take a look at some of the our suggested designs and picture them in your home or design your own and ask the Origin team if it can be custom made for you… the chances are pretty high that it can be done…

Technically speaking, there are two types of grids that can be used either in combination or individually:
SDL Bars (Simulated Divided Lites)

SDL bars are externally applied to the glass in whatever shape requested. SDLs are for those with a strong requirement for authenticity and a true grid appearance when viewing close up. The downside to SDL bars is that they are raised and sit proud of the glass creating a more difficult product to clean.

GBG Bars (Grids Between Glass)

GBG bars are a maintenance dream because they are inside the insulating spacer of the double glazing. From several feet away, it’s very hard to tell the GBG bars are on the inside, offering the same great look that SDL bars bring while cleaning the glass is simple and easy.

When using SDL bars, always use GBG bars as well so that the appearance is a solid bar all the way through the double glazed, insulated glass lite.

Start the process and specify Grid Bars on your Origin Doors and Windows here

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