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Technical Tips for Installing Origin Bi-fold Doors

Our Solutions Manager, Jakub Zahradil, is based at Origin’s US Headquarters in Florida, and works closely with Origin’s Accredited Dealers across the whole of America. Jakub is a specialist in Origin products, answering installer queries and running training sessions for our Dealers. He is one of our fountains of knowledge when it comes to all things technical.

We asked Jakub what tips he would give to anyone installing Origin Bi-fold Doors, and these were his top technical tips:

1. Bottom track should be level and straight on a solid base

It’s extremely important to make sure that your foundation is level and solid, otherwise there could be problems operating the bifold doors. Making the right preparations and taking enough time to ensure that the bottom track is level and properly supported to take the weight of the bifold doors is crucial, otherwise you may need to revisit the installation later to fix any issues with operation, drainage or internal leaks.

2. Bottom fork should be adjusted to the correct height

The ride height of the bottom fork should fit a blue shim. You can also adjust the height of the bottom fork by screwing it into the bottom track until its at the correct height. If it’s not at the correct height then the bifold doors may not open properly or they may knock into the door components, causing severe damage.

3. Use the jamb packers and a spirit level to level out your surface

We provide multiple sizes of shims to help you achieve the right level. We recommend shimming next to each pre-drilled hole and testing with your level frequently to get the best results.

4. Jambs should be squared with both tracks

Following the installation of the top and bottom tracks, the jambs should be drilled and fitted square with both tracks. The jambs should be flat and level - any twisted or uneven jambs could prevent the bifolds from operating correctly and could compromise the doors thermal efficiency. Jamb to track connectors should also be fitted tightly against top and bottom tracks.

5. Lead door should have consistent gap fitting a yellow shim

For the locking system to operate properly and be completely watertight, there should be a consistent gap between lead door and locking jamb that fits the yellow shim. The measurement should be consistent up the full length of the door. Pay close attention to labels that indicate the correct positioning for shims. Also make sure the gap is the same on inside and outside. If that is not the case, then the jambs are twisted.

6. Silicone around the whole perimeter

At the end of your installation, be sure to silicone around the whole perimeter, paying close attention to the four corners where the outer frame meets, and seal those all the way round. As well as being aesthetically-pleasing, doing this helps to protect the bifold doors and the property from any weather damage.

For more help, visit our downloads section or sign up for a certified installers training day. Alternatively, get in touch with the team if you’re interested in becoming an Origin Accredited Dealer.

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